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Purple Princess Party || Lake Country Lifestyle Children’s Photographer

I am so very excited to share with all of you this special themed photo shoot we affectionately call the “Purple Princess Party!!”  When I told my virtual studio manager, photographer extraordinaire, and long-time dear, dear friend Caitlyn that I was finally sure I wanted to re-imerge into the world of lifestyle children’s photography, after taking two years off, she immediately sprang into action planning the perfect event to re-launch my kiddo career!!  She knows my heart, my vision, my whimsical dreamings, and completely gets- is passionate about- my style of shooting.  The Purple Princess Party is one vision of many that we were able to bring to beautiful, vibrant life through the lens.  This particular photo shoot was inspired by who else?- real, live, little princesses,  Caitlyn’s two daughters and their best friend Mia, who spend a significant portion of their days dressing up in ball gowns, dancing to Disney music, creating playful adventures, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Prince Daddy.  Our goal was to create a whimsical environment full of magic and wonder, and capture each little girls’ personality and imagination coming alive.  We picked the perfect location, a field of blossoming purple wild flowers on a back-country road near Pabst Farms in Oconomowoc, WI, set aglow by warm evening light.  Caitlyn hand-made each flower crown, inspired by a popular wedding blog  The quilt, purple pillows, storybook, glitter, and bubbles were purchased at Target.  Disney princess background music thanks to Spotify and Caitlyn’s handy iPhone.  Presenting, our Purple Princess Party…..Princesses_0008c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0060c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0089c3_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0107c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0118c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0130b(logo)_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0136b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0153b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0174c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0191c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0198c3_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0201c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0216b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0221c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0264c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0347b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0365b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0377c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0398c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0400b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0405b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0410c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0453c3_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0497b_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0512c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0599c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0612c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0633c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0640c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0648c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0662c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0668c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0692c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0712c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0751c2_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0832c_Faith_Photography.jpg Princesses_0841c2_Faith_Photography.jpg

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