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Carly’s Senior Photo Shoot || Oconomowoc Wi Photographers

Senior Pictures Oconomowoc WiOne thing I love about my job is meeting so many wonderful people.  There is something so exciting to me about talking to a new client on the phone, getting as much of an idea as I can for what their style and interests are, their vision & hopes for their photos, and on the day of our shoot, getting to spend time with them in-person, learning more about and capturing what makes them unique.  I truly care for all of my clients, but there is a special place in my heart for my senior girls!!  Oconomowoc senior Carly was no exception- I could tell from the moment I met her that I was going to love her and that our time together would be fun and successful getting beautiful pics.  Let’s just say she made my job super easy!  I hope you enjoy these shots from Carly’s Senior Photo Shoot!

Carly_0004c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0037b_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0043c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0055c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0053c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0065b_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0082c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0087c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0094c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0148b_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0151c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0157c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0175b_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0185c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0187c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0201c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0205b_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0207c_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0232b_Oconomowoc Wi PhotographersCarly_0242c_Oconomowoc Wi Photographers


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