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Emma’s Senior Photo Shoot || Hartland Wi Photography

I am so proud to feature the stunning miss Emma’s Senior Photo Shoot on the blog today.  This may be one of my all-time favorite blog posts ever.  At the risk of embarrassing this beautiful young woman, I must say that photographing and editing Emma’s session has been nothing short of surreal and amazing for me.  You see, I’ve known, cared for, and loved this girl since she was 1.  I still can picture Emma as a fuzzy haired little baby whose face I kissed before putting to bed; a twirling little girl in a tutu putting on a ballet show for me, & being totally obsessed with the little mermaid (which was fine by me since I’ve always seen myself as a modern-day, free-spirited, red-haired Ariel); seven years old and being a big sister for the first time when her brother Sam was born; my favorite movie/pizza/snuggle partner almost every Friday night for 13 years; we even traveled around Switzerland for 3 weeks as a family in 2005 (it was that trip that made me realize I most certainly wanted to seriously pursue photography).  She’s got the same captivating, steady blue eyes and charming smile, and she has grown into a brilliant, compassionate, talented, motivated, graceful, and of course, gorgeous young woman.  I am SO proud of her.  Emma, I hope you love your senior portraits as much as I do!!  I know you will light up the world with your gifts and love when you leave Arrowhead High School. xoxo

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