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Karina’s Maternity Session || Oconomowoc WI Family Photographer

In honor of this beautiful woman’s baby shower today, I want to share with you a Father’s Day surprise photo shoot Karina and I put together for Daddy Josh!  This shoot came together quickly, and all the pieces fell into place perfectly… my vision for it came to life even more spectacular than I had imagined it!
Karina & I have only known each other for about a year, but I thank God almost every day for bringing us together.  I have been blessed to be able to share with her in the journey of life, sisterhood, wifehood, and now soon-to-be motherhood!  She and her husband are going to be such incredibly parents… “with the help of Jesus!” she always reminds me : )  I cannot wait to meet this precious little baby girl and snap a few photos of her on this side of that gorgeous belly!!  Enjoy~

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