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Schweiger Vineyards, Napa Valley || Faith Photography Wi

As most of you know, I absolutely love capturing and telling stories through my cameras and lenses!  I am a noticer of things, people, light, the mood and atmosphere of any given scene, nature, creation, I am extremely detail-oriented, and I am constantly viewing my surroundings as if through a lens, thinking, “how would I compose this setting if I had my camera?”  Typically I am commissioned to tell stories of love, relationships, youthfulness, birth, marriage, new seasons of life…  This commission, as I quickly realized upon arriving at my clients’ home, while not necessarily the photographing of people, was just as much the story-telling of one couple’s love for each other.  I learned that the captures I was about to create were their 40th Wedding Anniversary gift to each other.  Not only was I touched by their obvious love and admiration for each other still, but I could tell that each element they put before me held special meaning to both of them.  The silver chalices were used to toast and celebrate their love on their wedding day.  They both share a love of collecting fine wines, unique glass art, corks from all of their wine bottles and travels, antique artifacts such as the Christian Brothers Brandy box, the antique silver wine tasting cups, the knotty wooden cork screw, etc.  They laid everything out on a table and said “Now put it together however you see fit.”  I had a blast!  I felt like I was in art school again at college creating a still life.  Only this time, I wouldn’t be painting it but photographing it to my heart’s content.  The Schweigers will be making large prints to decorate their home with, and will finally be able to open that bottle of wine to celebrate their 40 years of love and marriage.

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