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Jordan & Aaron’s Wedding || Wedding Photographers Madison Wi

Jordan and Aaron are an amazing young couple that my husband and I met in church, and who have become very good friends of ours.  As it turns out, the simple, intimate, unconventional, yet beautiful wedding ceremony that Mark and I had inspired Jordan and Aaron to make a similar choice for their exchange of vows and rings.  They knew they were committed to loving each other and growing together for the rest of their lives and wanted to be obedient to God in making that commitment official.  At the same time, of course, they wanted to make it lovely and super special, and it WAS both of those things!!  Jordan looked so stunning in her feminine, romantic lace wedding dress, and Aaron was dressed to perfection in his tux and boutonniere.  Their daughters, now sisters, wore matching party dresses and sparkly shoes, and their parents were there to witness and celebrate their wedding ceremony.  Which, took place in the magnificent Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison!!  We arrived there and picked the perfect ceremony site based on the lighting (yes, I made sure we had the best light in the house!).  Though less traditional and shorter in length than most of my wedding sessions, Jordan & Aaron’s is among my favorites, for obvious reasons, as you’ll see how gorgeous, unique, and adorable their photos are!!  Enjoy~

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