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Maelynn’s 1-Year Birthday Party || Hartford Wi Family Photography

Oh how I love themed birthday parties and adorable cake smashes!!  Maelynn’s 1-Year Birthday Party was vintage tea party themed, and mama Rena took out all the creative stops!!  The party was nothing short of amazing, whimsical, and all-things-pretty, with impressive attention to detail.  The entire baby grand piano was covered in baby photos and childhood memorabilia from Maelynn’s parents, grandparents, and great grand parents from both sides.  Old silver tea sets were brought out, fine china, mason jars, banners, balloons, pink poofs, and lots of fresh flowers decorated the rooms, and family members helped with all of the food, appetizers, and beautifully decorated cupcakes.  It truly was a special and fun party to celebrate the gift that baby Maelynn is to her family and friends.  Enjoy these family portraits & detail shots from the event, and make sure to click the link at the bottom to view the full gallery at the end if you were a guest of the party~

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