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Melissa & Eric’s Maternity Session || Hartford Wi Photography

Melissa and Eric celebrated their beautiful wedding last year, and you probably saw them decorating and dazzling the pages of my website, blog, Facebook page, oh, and sample wedding albums as well!!  I just love this couple, and I love capturing their incredibly special memories as their precious family grows.  Even as I pause typing to look at the picture above, I still cannot believe that that is my best friend of 25 years, with the love of her life, getting ready to welcome their first child.  I am so proud of her.  Melissa and Eric’s Maternity Session was photographed at their family farm in Hartford Wi last summer/early fall, and they did not yet know if their little love was a boy or a girl.  In October, they welcomed their beautiful baby GIRL Evelyn into the world, and you will get to see her 6-month photo shoot in Part II!!  Enjoy these gorgeous, whimsical, fun, funny, romantic, and tender photos of the joy and anticipation Melissa and Eric shared before their family of 2 became 3!

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“Hi, I’m Evelyn!  My cute little face will be on the blog in Part II!”

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