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Alyson & Will’s Engagement Session || Waukesha Wi Photography

I can’t even describe how near & dear Alyson & Will’s Engagement Session is to my heart.  Will is my youngest brother, and one of my very best friends in this whole world.  We have been through everything in life together, and have shared our hearts, minds, and memories with each other for 25 years.  I cannot imagine any woman more perfect for him than Aly!!  Alyson & Will met while volunteering for Young Life at Kettle Moraine High School almost 2 years ago.  Since then, they have forged their lives together into an unbreakable love, constantly moving closer to God, each other, and their 2 children, William & Briar (both 7 and already acting like brother & sister… they’re just so darn adorable!).  These two are surrounded by people who love, laugh, encourage, pray for, and do life with them, and who CANNOT wait to celebrate their WEDDING in less than 5 weeks!!!  Last weekend I had the immense joy of capturing their engagement photography at a close friend’s farm in the Waukesha/Wales area.  Talk about a country-lovin’ photographer’s delight!  We had such an enjoyable sunny afternoon together, and Alyson & Will were their totally sweet, comfortable, goofy, adoring, adorable, lovey-dovey selves in front of the camera.  We captured anywhere and everywhere we felt inspired… we even took the golf cart through the woods to the most awesome & eclectic treehouse I have ever seen!!  We wrapped up the shoot at Mama D’s Coffee Shop in Wales (if you have not been, you must!!) with smoothies & live music serenading us from the patio- so perfect for these two people who love life and appreciate all of the little moments that make being together special.  I just want to say one last thing before leaving you to these gorgeous photos… Aly’s stunning wedding ring was given to Will by our Grandma, which was given to Grandma by her mother-in-law.  I simply cannot think of anyone else more deserving to wear such a treasured family heirloom!  Alyson & Will, we praise God every day for bringing the two of you together, and for how he is shaping your lives, your love, and your legacy!!!


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