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Ava’s Newborn Portraits || Hartland Wi Photographers

As a professional photographer in the community I grew up in, one of my greatest joys is getting to capture and preserve the most cherished and exciting moments in the lives of people I myself have “grown up with.”  It is so surreal and wonderful to look through my lens and think, “I can’t believe they’re engaged;” “I can’t believe they’re getting married today;” and “I can’t believe this is their beautiful baby girl…”  As it turns out with Ava’s Mom and Dad, I have had the privilege and joy of capturing all three of those events in their lives within the last year!  (See Bailey & Andrew’s Engagement Session here; See Bailey & Andrew’s Wedding Blog here!)  Ava has been born into one of the most delightful and loving families I’ve ever met, and she will have lots of cousins on both sides, as the families keep on growing!  She did such an amazing job during her photo debut, and I just looking at her tiny features and funny little expressions all over again- What a gift you are, baby Ava!

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