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Savannah & Mike’s Surprise Engagement! || Oconomowoc Wi Photographers

I have had the pleasure of knowing Savannah since he asked me to photograph her senior portraits in 2011.  I have had the opportunity to capture other milestones for her family, so when her boyfriend Mike asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she asked for a couples’ shoot, photographed by moi.  Little did the know that her gift would turn into so much more!  Toward the end of our time together, overlooking the beautiful misty lake, Mike asked if I could snap some candids of them talking and interacting with each other.  As he told her how much he loved and treasured her, to Savannah’s total surprise, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!!  This was definitely one of the best moments in my entire career, and I am completely honored that I was asked to capture these memories for them to cherish and share for the rest of their lives.  Enjoy this adorable session, and Savannah’s response to the surprise!


Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0002 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0003 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0004 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0005 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0006 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0007 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0008 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0009 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0010 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0011 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0013 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0014 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0015 Engagement-Pictures-Oconomowoc-Wi_0016

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