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Becky & Chris are Married!|| Seven Seas Wedding

I have known Becky for almost as long as I can remember and was SO honored and excited when she asked me to photograph her and Chris’ wedding!  Becky and Chris met on the worship team at Crosspoint Community Church in Oconomowoc; she has an incredible voice, and he is a talented drummer.  Although Chris was moving out of state, he thought that if he ever returned “for good,” he would pursue Becky’s heart.  That did happen, and not only did he captivate her heart and trust, but her daughter’s as well.  During the wedding ceremony when Chris and Amelia read their letters to each other, there was not a dry eye in the entire place (including mine- thank God for auto focus!!)  Their entire wedding was such a wonderful and special occasion to be a part of, and we continue to celebrate and uphold their marriage with joy and praise as their family and ministry grow!Seven-Seas-Wedding_0001 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0002Seven-Seas-Wedding_0003 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0004 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0005Seven-Seas-Wedding_0006 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0007 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0008 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0009 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0010 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0011 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0012 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0013 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0014 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0015 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0016 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0017 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0018 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0019 Seven-Seas-Wedding_0020

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