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Whelan’s Coffee Shop & Homestead Lighting

Welcome to one of my favorite places on earth, located right here in downtown Oconomowoc:  Whelan’s Coffee & Ice Cream!!  I am a shameless chai tea latte addict and can say that Whelan’s has the most delicious and perfect chai ever, anywhere.  Not only does this place have delicious drinks and super yummy food, but the staff and the atmosphere are warm and inviting.  I absolutely love spending time here whether alone with a book or laptop, or with a girlfriend catching up on life.  If you are a future client of mine, don’t be surprised if I suggest Whelan’s as a meeting place to get to know each other and talk photos 🙂

Behind the coffee shop you will find the coolest two-level store if you love antiques!!  It’s called Homestead Lighting, and as its name infers, it is a shop that specializes in antique lighting of all shapes, sizes, and styles.  My artist brain was in overdrive with all of the neat textures, shapes, colors, and lines of the various pieces, each a work of art in its own respect.  Homestead Lighting is a treasure trove for Oconomowoc residents whose homes boast of the rich history and tradition that makes our town so special.  Lighting found here would also make awesome accent pieces for more modern homes and new builds as well!  I highly recommend checking out what this fabulous store has to offer… and afterward, grab a hot, creamy chai tea latte for the road 😉

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