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Nicole & Joe || Golden Mast Wedding

Nicole (Ixonia, WI) & Joe (Pittsburg, PA) met working at a hospital in Chicago, where their friendship quickly turned into love.  They chose to host their wedding celebration here in Lake Country, Wi, at the beautiful Golden Mast.  Nicole and her bridesmaids got ready at her family’s farm in Ixonia, where her soon-to-be-groom first laid eyes on his stunning bride… and hardly took them off of her the rest of the day!  Nicole and Joe are so obviously crazy about each other, and as gorgeous as their wedding was, anyone could tell they were simply thrilled just to be together.  Their wonderful families and friends lit up the party, and as I told Nicole’s sister later, I don’t think I’ve ever photographed a more lively and energetic reception!!  N+J’s wedding was one which I was so honored to be chosen to capture, and would gladly relive any day!  <3

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