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Kandice || Oconomowoc Senior Portrait Session

I just can’t say enough about how fun, sweet, and wonderful our time was together photographing Kandice’s senior portrait session!  When Kandice, a senior at Oconomowoc High School, first contacted me, she expressed a desire that her photos be “simple, clean, and sophisticated.”  I loved her heart in this because I read in those words, “I want my photos to be genuine, straight-forward, true to who I am and my style.”  It was my pleasure to focus (literally) on the beautiful young woman in front of my camera and capture her true spirit, amidst- but not out-shadowed by- some really unique, fresh, sophisticated, and meaningful settings.  We began at the riverwalk in downtown Delafield, and from there, explored a few other inspiring locations that our beloved quaint, sophisticated little town has to offer.  We delighted ourselves in the “golden hour” lighting at Nashotah Park, and then headed to Kandice’s family farm to wrap up our shoot with her adorable cats + dog. I LOVED all of the outfits she pulled together and how seamlessly everything worked with our chosen locations.  It was a dream shoot and still has me singing thanks and praises.  Thank you for choosing me to capture this exciting time in your life, Kandice!

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