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Emma & Kyle || Rustic Manor 1848 Wedding

“When I think of you & the first time we met, & I heard the sound of your sweet, gentle voice…
My heart took me over & gave me no choice… & right then I knew….
It makes me want more of you… again & again.  I fall more in love with you than I’ve ever been.
From the moment you wake me up, ’til you kiss me goodnight…
Everything that you do… It makes me want more of you.
When I look at you now that years have gone by… I think of the memories that time can’t erase
And all of the smiles you brought to my face,
Your love’s been so true…
It makes me want more of you… again & again.
I fall more in love with you than I’ve ever been….”
~Chris & Morgane Stapleton

What to say about a couple like Emma & Kyle??  Their love has endured and deepened through years of dating & adventuring.  They are doing what so many couples struggle to do- growing TOGETHER as they grow older.  It was truly a pleasure to capture their BEAUTIFUL wedding day at Lake Country’s newest venue, Rustic Manor 1848 in Hartland, Wi.  The entire bridal party enjoyed a morning of celebrating and preparation at the Delafield Hotel, and were met by the perfect sunny fall weather as they arrived at Rustic Manor for the ceremony.  Everyone who entered was delighted by a stunning country wonderland, as Tiara of Events to a T did a phenomenal job transforming the barn in a very elegant, fun, and personalized way.  Sound by Design executed the perfect party as always with great tunes, mood lighting, & a fun photobooth.  I am so pleased to finally share some of my favorite images of E+K’s wedding on the blog, and I hope you enjoy jumping into their special & magical day through these photographs.

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