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Lexie + Ryan || Wisconsin Club Wedding

Lexie + Ryan’s Wisconsin Club Wedding was truly one of the most fun events I have ever had the pleasure of attending in my life… let alone working!  When the bridal party and family are that sweet and full of surprises… the couple is that in love + totally adorable… the Milwaukee venues and backdrops are that unique and stunning… and the party is that off the hook (thank you Sound By Design!)… is it really work at that point??  It certainly did not feel like it, and I count myself incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to capture L+R’s perfect Milwaukee Wedding day for them to relive forever.  So many special moments and places were woven into L+R’s big day, including an emotional private moment when Lexie’s dad & stepdad were able to see their baby girl as a bride for the first time; Calvary Presbyterian Church (AKA “The Big Red Church”) and the Wisconsin Club as ceremony + reception venues that Lexie had long-time dreamed about; returning to the place where L+R first met (The Harp) with the bestie that set them up; and a surprise (and hilarious) toast, written and sung together by Lexie’s dad & stepdad!  To my personal & professional delight, the enthusiasm and energy in L+R’s wedding guests were through the roof, and I’ve included many, many party pics in this blog post to prove it.  In fact, this may go down in history as the longest blog post that I’ve ever done, or will ever do, but I think you will agree that each part of the day, every location, detail, and smiling face, comes together to tell a life-like story of Lexie & Ryan’s incredible Milwaukee Wedding!

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