First & Foremost an Artist

There was never a question of what my future career and  lifestyle would be- it was always art for me.  It began when I was a little child and has not quit me since- the noticing and the wonder.  Noticing the way lights and shadows can make a place feel… The way texture, lines, color, value, movement, repetition, and composition can make the mundane pop with life and fresh interest… The unique features that make every individual a beautiful work of art.  I notice the beauty of Creation everywhere I look, and it creates a perpetual sense of wonder and inspiration in me.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able to combine my lifelong passion for art and observation with my love and compassion for people through Faith Photography!

Working With Faith Photo

The tagline “In Search of Something Real” emerged in my heart last year.  There is a growing pressure in our society to stage and snap every detail of our lives in order to push forth a certain narrative/image of who we are… or at least how we want others to view us.  My focus (no pun intended) has gravitated toward soulful beauty, genuine moments, meaningful places- and yes- the exterior details, too, that make you you.  You are precious and you are enough!  Let’s let YOU shine.  Working with Faith Photography begins with a relationship.  If you’re a senior, I want to know a little bit about your interests, style, gifts, desires, and what makes you unique.  If you are a newly engaged couple, I want to know about your love story, what draws you to each other, the places that are special to you, and your vision for your engagement session and wedding day- let’s get coffee and chat all things wedding!  I do not work in the confines of a traditional studio, but have always considered the world to be my studio.  Because of my amazing powers of observation (haha), I know of a LOT of awesome places we can photograph based on your personality, style, and interests.  I am also always open to new ideas.  I work with each client to customize their session/wedding day ahead of time so they are free to relax and shine in their own unique ways in front of the camera.  Crisp, clear, colorful, and composed photography is Step 1.  Beautiful, polished, realistic, and fresh photo styling is Step 2.  I have developed my own “FP style,” beginning with utilizing the best natural light and backgrounds, top-of-the-line professional cameras and Canon L-series lenses, and a personalized “digital darkroom” where I carefully edit your images to my artistic standards.

**My ultimate goal is to bring each image to life, while maintaining the natural, organic feel of the moment and place and YOU!  Your unique story + my unique style is what sets Faith Photography’s work apart.**


About Gretchen

I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin’s charming Lake Country area, specifically in Hartland.  Rolling hills, woods, prairies, crop fields, and animals farms were literally everywhere you looked back then, and of course, the many beautiful bodies of water that give it the name “Lake Country.”  My best friends lived on the same road, and we were obsessed with horses and pioneering, practically living outdoors at my parents’ riverfront property.  Lake Country really has been a huge source of wonder and inspiration to me, and it is still the primary area in which I photograph senior portraits and wedding events.  A few years ago, however, my husband Mark and I chased country-living a bit west.  two years ago we encountered an incredible opportunity and bought a 20 acre homestead north of Watertown, Wi!  It has been quite the adventure… my childhood dreams of becoming a pioneer were basically realized for a while, and many sacrifices were made.  But true to my nature, I saw the beauty in this neglected, junky, overgrown parcel, and my heart has come alive restoring it to its natural beauty alongside my man.  We have been married for 5 years, and together we love deeply: Jesus, each other, our animals, our families, friends, communities, and clients.  I thank God every day for the gifts of truth, joy, hope, and freedom he has restored to my life and to my spirit.  My favorite things in the whole world include Winnie & Beau (our lab mix mother-&-son duo); nature hikes; snuggling up with a book and a chai tea latte; new music; cooking healthy meals; date nights at El Mariachi (margaritas… mmmm!); quality time with girlfriends; and adventures with Mark (which can be as basic as trips to Farm & Fleet and chopping wood, or as grand as exploring Maui hand-in-hand).

Foundations in Photography

Let’s skip past the first 20 years of my life spent immersed in drawing, painting, and art history, shall we?  In 2005 I had the opportunity to travel to Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and London as an art major at Carthage College, for the purpose of studying famous works of art and architecture at the many museums and sites in each city.  I had the most inspiring time, armed with an artistic eye and a camera.  For most, picture-taking was about documenting, but for me, I could not separate documentation from thoughtful creation.  It was then that I suspected I wanted to pursue photography as a career, but it took another 3 week trip to Switzerland later in 2005 to get me to make the leap and transfer colleges to pursue a photography major.  In 2007 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Western Michigan University and have been photographing professionally ever since!  Faith Photography has been serving Lake Country-Madison-Milwaukee area couples and families for 10+ years.  I can honestly and emphatically say that each year gets better and better, thanks to the amazing people who I have the pleasure and privilege of serving.  If you or someone you know are newly engaged and planning a wedding, or are embarking on their senior year of high school, I would absolutely love to chat!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog site and for considering Faith Photography in your own “search for something real.”

~Gretchen Bahr

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