Hello from Gretchen!

Thank you for stopping by my site, I am so glad you found Faith Photography!  I want you to know that this business is not just about snapping photos & earning a living to me.  It’s about people- you & what makes this season in your life special.  Faith Photography exists to celebrate human life and to capture the love & joy that make it so worth the living.  I do not work in the confines of a traditional studio, but have always considered the world to be the best studio.  Amidst a culture that is so driven & influenced by image, I strive to tell a story of soulful beauty, genuine moments, and meaningful places.  I have developed my own unique style using natural light, top-of-the-line cameras + lenses, and a customized “digital darkroom,” where all of the editing is done by me (not some third party) so that all details & quality can meet my artistic standards.  My ultimate goal is to bring each image to life while maintaining the natural, organic feel of the moment in time in which it was captured!  Your unique story + my unique style is what sets Faith Photography’s work apart.  I would love to meet you and combine our visions to perfectly preserve your treasured moments!

A little bit about me…

I can’t talk about myself without talking about the God who created me brought value and joy to my life.  Stopping the rat race and stepping into the peace of Jesus was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!  My husband (then just a really awesome guy I met at a friend’s wedding!) played a huge role in helping me see the truth and the restfulness I was missing in my life!  Now he is my very best friend, and we’ve been married over 3 years!!  We love our life together in the country and are currently working on purchasing a farm so we can be more self-sustaining.  My personal little joys include nature hikes, Whelan’s famous chai, date nights, quality time with loved ones, being creative, reading, making music, and our dogs Winnie and Beau!

The history of Faith Photography…

I have been an artist my entire life!  There was never a question of what my future career and lifestyle would be- it was always art for me.  One of my earliest memories is my dad teaching my how to draw horses!  I owe so much to my parents for valuing and believing in my gift, sending me to college for it, and constantly networking on my behalf.  In high school I fell in love with photography at the Oconomowoc Art Festival after meeting and talking with world-traveling photographer Todd Lundeen.  It was a huge awakening, and I began taking pictures of everything, first on those throw-away film cameras, and then with my first Canon Rebel.  During my time at Carthage College studying graphic design, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and London to study famous works of art and architecture.  The following semester I traveled with the family I nannied for on a tour around Switzerland.  I took loads of photos and really felt I had landed on my passion and best art medium.  Within a week of arriving back in the states from Switzerland, I began the process of transferring to Western Michigan University and enrolling in their photography program.  I absolutely loved their school of art!  I graduated in 2007 with the dream of opening my own natural-light, lifestyle portraiture business someday, but God directed my path elsewhere first.  I was quickly hired as a studio manager & associate photographer of an up-and-coming wedding photography studio in Mequon.  I fell in love with the art of capturing a couple’s love story from an emotional, organic, photojournalistic perspective!  Within a year, I knew the time was right to take a step of faith out on my own, and Faith Photography was born!  I thank God daily for the privilege of owning my own business, combining a lifelong passion & involvement in the arts with my genuine heart for people.  It is an honor to serve people in the Lake Country/Milwaukee/Madison area of Wisconsin through photography!

Thank you for stopping by my blogsite and taking the time to hear my story!  Now I would LOVE to hear YOURS!!



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