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Boomers Car Show || Pewaukee Wi Photography

One thing I look forward to most about summer are the classic car shows!  Photographing cars of all kinds is my guilty pleasure, kind of what I do for me.  I love how classic cars each tell their own story, and speak of times that I can only dream about.  As much as I have asked questions about all of these old cars- the engines, the headers, the intake, outtake, what makes them loud, fast, special, or unique- and have tried to retain all that information, let’s be honest- when it comes down to choosing my favorites at each car show, I choose based on COLOR!  It’s such a girl thing, or maybe an artist thing; but I’m not sorry.  Classic cars are the perfect canvas for showcasing awesome color.  It always fascinates me, too, to see how different vintages and auto makers put colors together, from the exterior paint to the contrasting colors of the interiors and overall extreme attention to detail.  The other side of the spectrum that I tend to swing to is, the older and rustier the better.  Rat Rods and old farm machinery get me every time!  But seeing all of the cool cars isn’t the only exciting thing about a car show- the people are so friendly and ready to divulge as much information about their cars as you will listen to, there’s refreshing beer and the smell of grilled food permeates the air, and the warm summer weather and country lifestyle makes you grateful to live in Wisconsin.  I hope you enjoy these shots from Sunday’s Boomers Car Show in Pewaukee, Wi.  I tend to become obsessed with the details… next time I will photograph more full-body shots for my fellow classic car enthusiasts!

Boomers_0002_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0004_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0008c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0027c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0010c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0012c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0020c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0016c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0021c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0040c_Wisconsin Car Photographers

Meet your photographer… & friends!Boomers_0045c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0047c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0050c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0053c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0036c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0031c2_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0038c_Wisconsin Car Photographers

My cousin’s cars… Ford Phaeton & Chevy pickupBoomers_0055c_Wisconsin Car Photographers

Incredible stitched flame detail in the PhaetonBoomers_0054c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0064cc_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0060c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0079c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0067c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0071c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0084c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0086c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0081c_Wisconsin Car Photographers

I’m confused….Boomers_0082c_Wisconsin Car PhotographersBoomers_0090_Wisconsin Car Photographers

Oh hello “Grabber Blue!!” <— (Name of the paint color) Sure I’ll take your photo on my way out!Boomers_0091c_Wisconsin Car Photographers